News & Updates

More uses for your UWG ID

Ingram Library transitioned to individual log-ins on public computers as of January 2014. Instead of the old Liblab username, you will now need to log in with your UWG ID and password. Please remember to log out when you are finished at that computer!

We are also working on transitioning to using the UWG ID to access library resources off-campus – so no more hunting down the GALILEO password each semester! Keep an eye out for notifications about this when it is nearly ready. Our fingers are crossed that the new system will be in place by the end of this semester!

Trial Resources

Ingram Library sometimes gets trial subscriptions to new online resources. When we do, we post them on this page – Check it out from time to time, and if you find one that looks appealing or useful, contact your liaison librarian to voice your opinion on whether we should purchase a subscription. We don’t have anything on trial at the moment, but this is where they will be posted when we are considering a new resource.

Good Librations: because learning is not just for students

We are continuing to host Good Librations workshops for faculty and staff once a month at Ingram Library. Check out the schedule of upcoming workshop topics and drop by – because learning is not just for students!

Project SAILS

Do you ever wonder how much your students know about research when they get to UWG? We wanted to get some idea of where our students stand when they enroll in our class, so we asked LIBR 1101 students to take the Project SAILS Information Literacy Assessment as a pre-test in the first week of the fall 2013 semester. We are still in the process of analyzing the results, but some highlights include:

  • 44% of students knew that they should search several research databases in the subject area to find all of the articles that have been published on a certain topic.
  • 31% of students knew that they should search to see if the library subscribes to a journal in print if they can’t find full text for free online.
  • Students were shown a library catalog record for a book and asked the best way to get their hands on that item. Only 50% correctly responded that they should use the call number to locate the item in their library.

This means that some of your students may not have the basic library skills you assume they should have by the time they get to college. If you include a research project in your course, you may want to request an instruction session. We would also be happy to work with you to design assignments to introduce them to library resources and guide them through the research process outside of class time.


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